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Holistic PT Studio can work with your company as part of their Employee Wellness Program to support employees on their journey to a strong and stable body and mind. 

Figures from Public Health England confirm that cases of Muscular-Skeletal (MSK) conditions are increasing year-on-year, impacting the lives of both the working population and retired population.


In 2017, MSK was the 2nd biggest cause of sickness absence, accounting for 28 million lost work days, costing the UK circa £7 billion a year.* These figures exclude other preventable conditions typically due to unhealthy lifestyles. 

Incidences of lower back back and shoulder discomfort are prevalent in the working population for both desk-based professions and physically active professions.

* https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/810348/Musculoskeletal_Health_5_year_strategy.pdf

Is your company experiencing:

Profitability Impacted

  • Increasing medical insurance premiums: due to increased volume of muscular skeletal claims

  • Increasing lost-working days: physiotherapy / GP's / Hospital appointments or additional time spent at home due to discomfort

  • Falling employee productivity: lower back or shoulder discomfort, impacting concentration levels, quality of sleep and overall wellbeing

Are your employees:

Wellbeing Impacted

  • Physical Demands: bending, crouching, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling loads of various weights and size daily and require corrective exercises, mobility and strength training?

  • Desk-Based /Sedentary: seated for long periods with sub-optimal set up, postural adaptations over time, currently experiencing lower back or shoulder discomfort?

Holistic PT Studio Can Help:

Proactive Solutions

  • Hold virtual sessions and workshops to coach employees through tailored corrective exercises and bodyweight strength training to reduce discomfort

  • Demonstrate key stretching, mobilising and strengthening exercises to build a strong and resilient workforce. 

  • Lead 'Breakfast or Lunch & Learn' Presentations / Q&A sessions on how to move in a way that serves you well for life

Employers, your next steps:

Prevention Measures

  • Connect with Holistic PT Studio and look to introduce preventative initiatives rather than reactive and costly rehabilitation

  • Be a leader in your industry, stand out, be known as the caring, supportive employer. 

  • Demonstrate to employees you prioritise their wellbeing, leading to a productive and happier team

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