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For The Stronger You
Your Boutique Movement & Lifestyle Coaching Studio in the heart of Croydon, 1 minute walk from East Croydon train station.
A private space, operating by appointment only, working with the Croydon community and with clients across London to transform their lives, from the inside out.
Introducing Holistic PT Studio... For The Stronger You. 

Personal Training

A holistic approach to Personal Training.

Would you like to build a strong, mobile and resilient body that will move better, feel better, look better and serve you well for life?


It's not about sweaty exhaustive sessions, rather our focus is to train with and for your body, and not against it. 

Our principles are to stretch what is tight, mobilise what is restricted and strengthen what is weak (in absolute and relative terms).

Everyone, no matter your age or experience can significantly improve their mobility and strength to build a strong, resilient body and mind.

Full Body MOT

Assessments and tests to understand your body and design your personal training program aligned to your needs and goals.


Posture measurements, mobility and

functional movement assessments, core activation & strength.

90 Minutes


1 session a week

Already training regularly?

1 PT session a week

(4 sessions a month)

top up to challenge yourself further

55 Minutes

Solo = £190 a month

Duo = £152 a month each

2 sessions a week

Need a bit more assistance? 

2 PT sessions a week

(8 sessions a month)

to get you focused and on track

55 Minutes

Solo = £360 a month

Duo = £288 a month each

3 sessions a week

Have a specific goal in mind?

3 PT sessions a week

(12 sessions a month)

you achieve frequency and consistency

55 Minutes

Solo = £480 a month

Duo = £384 a month each

pay as you go

Pick up a session when available.

Ideal if your schedule requires lots of flexibility

55 Minutes

Solo = £55 a session

Duo = £44 a session each

Payments via bank transfer or in person at the studio, all major cards accepted.

Sessions not confirmed until payment received.

New Clients: Your 1st session included within your package will be a Full Body MOT.

Small Group Classes

Would You Like To ...

Reduce joint discomfort, improve mobility, perform everyday tasks with ease, improve response to your training goals?

5-week intensive courses in Croydon, with up to 4 sessions a week, designed to address any weakness in your foundation or elevate your training performance goals

3 people per class, near Personal Training experience for fraction of the cost

4 classes

2 Levels

1. Core Strength & Stability

2. Be Supple 

3. Lower Back Health

4. Shoulder Health

Level 1 = The Basics

Level 2 = Build & Improve

Sessions become more challenging from week to week

Small &  focused

however big on results.

Not a sweaty or exhaustive  class, come in clothes that allow free movement at all joints.

20 minutes in length, perfect for quick lunchtime or after work session.


Every Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri

Be Supple

The Basis = 11.00am

Build & Improve = 4.00pm

Shoulder Health Course

The Basis = 11.30am

Build & Improve = 4.30pm

Lower Back Course

The Basis = 12.10pm

Build & Improve = 5.10pm

Core Strength Course

The Basis = 12.40pm

Build & Improve = 5.40pm


The more classes you attend per week the faster you will experience the results

Recommend attend 3-4 classes a week

Attendance / Cost for 5 weeks

1 a week = £40 

2 a week = £80

3 a week = £120

4 a week = £160

£5 drop in taster classes  available in March 2020

Next main course dates run from 20th April to 22nd May 2020.

Prioritise your health and reserve your place on the next course.

Payments must be made in advance. Sessions not confirmed until payment received.

 Payments accepted via bank transfer or in the studio. All major cards accepted.

For small group classes all payments are final, no refund permitted.

Once desired class selected, movement between classes are not possible.

Holistic PT Studio are happy to liaise with your physiotherapist/sports therapist/osteopath to assess your suitability to attend these courses. Please contact us to discuss further. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Would you like to...

move better, feel better, look better, live better?

At Holistic PT Studio in Croydon, we understand that modern day society presents numerous challenges to us living to our full potential.

Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting/fad diets/counting calories? 

Finally, would you like to establish a rational relationship with food? 


Balanced approach to health and wellbeing








Would you like to ...


- be a responsible steward for your health, body and mind

- make nourishing choices daily that support your health and fitness goals?

- take control of what you eat and drink and not be led by product marketing or emotions?


Food diary assessment and recommendations

Questionnaires and Wellness Priority Scores

Weekly planning & tasks

Weekly consultation sessions

Knowledge share on real food - what is is, why we need it, how your body processes it


Lifestyle coaching is tailored to your needs and goals.

Elements in your package will be designed after your consultation.

Services can range from

 one-off food diary assessment with recommendations

through to

6 month weight loss support coaching.

Unsure where to start your journey?

Would you like to know more about Personal Training, Small Group Classes or Lifestyle Review?

Book your free 30 minutes consultation and we can start to map out your journey.

Ask Our Clients

Ben, Purley
"Patricia has been my trainer / lifestyle coach for a number of months now. She has not only helped me lose weight and improve my body shape, strength and flexibility but also and most importantly helped to improve my general well being and self esteem. No session ever feels repetitive and is always carefully tailored to meet my individual needs. She also often goes over and beyond to ensure that I continue to maintain progress by sending exercise and nutrition plans and reminders. She is very encouraging in a non patronising way, and I would highly recommend her, as she cares."

About Me

Every day brings on new and exciting challenges and I enjoy working with clients to help relieve pressures on the body from prolonged sitting, advance their strength and endurance training goals or supporting you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.  

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer plus a Level 1 CHEK Integrated Movement Science specialist with additional certifications in:

  • High Intensity Training

  • Suspension Training

  • Nutrition for Physical Activity

  • Ante and Post Natal Exercise

If you are interested in finding out how I will support you realise your vision, please get in touch.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to all new clients so we can identify the starting point for your journey to a stronger more resilient you.

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