Stronger Back

Stronger Back

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Are you:

  • sitting or standing for long periods in discomfort
  • struggling to regain relief from an old injury
  • a keen gardener, or wish to play with your kids pain-free

Your 6-Week Stronger Back Package includes:

  • 1 * 90 min Online Movement MOT (inc. summary report)
  • Progressive Exercise Programs (inc. access to online demonstration videos)
  • 1 * 60 min Online Coaching Session (your program walk-through)
  • Online Session Options: 3*30min / 6*30min / 12*30min
  • Email support

Follow your 6-weeks personalised programme and you will:

  • learn how to manage your body, your movement and reduce the chance of developing injuries
  • feel better in your body, less discomfort and more confident
  • be connected with your body and living optimally
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