Patricia Goka Joint Pain Relief Program

Relief in 6-Weeks

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Which joint pain is literally getting on your nerves?

With targeted exercises and my support every step of the way you can reduce discomfort and get back to a good nights sleep and leap back to the activities you love!

Focus for the 6 weeks will be either stronger neck & shoulders, back, hips or knees program.

6 Week Package includes:

  • 1 * 60 min Movement MOT
  • Progressive Exercise Programs (inc. access to online demonstration videos)
  • 1 * 60 min Coaching Session (teach program)
  • 5 * 30 min Online Follow-Up & Accountability Sessions (weekly)
  • Access to resources and ongoing support

Follow your 6-week personalised programme and you will:

  • feel better in your body, less discomfort and more confident
  • focus daily on work and home life
  • get the real you back so you can truly be there for others
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