Everyday Strength

Everyday Strength

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Imagine you woke up tomorrow and all activities of daily living were a breeze.

You can...

  • finally get down to the floor
  • reach under your sofa
  • bend down, pick up your grandchild
  • feel stable on your feet

Which functional tasks are you avoiding?

Your 12-Week Everyday Strength Package includes:

  • 1 * 90 min Online Movement MOT (inc. summary report)
  • Progressive Exercise Programs (inc. access to online demonstration videos)
  • 1 * 60 min Online Coaching Session (your program walk-through)
  • 6 * 60 min Follow-up Sessions (fortnightly)
  • Email support

Purchase additional accountability sessions:

  • 6 * 30 min sessions (+£200)
  • 18 * 30 min sessions (+£500)

Follow your 12-week personalised programme and you will:

  • ​learn movement lessons for life
  • feel stronger, balanced and in control of your body
  • be confident on your feet, moving with ease

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