Ante-Natal, Post-Natal...what about Pre-Ante Natal?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Is Your Body Ready For Pregnancy?

How will your body cope with the stresses of carrying a baby?

All too often we hear about lower back pain, neck pain, tiredness.

We all know that before and during 1st trimester taking folic acid supplements is beneficial to the development of the foetus neural tube development, why is there no advice on preparing your body for pregnancy?

How many of these items have you thought about?

  1. Take folic acid supplements

  2. Adopt a healthier/balanced lifestyle

  3. Strengthen muscles in the upper back

  4. Strengthen superficial abdominal muscles

  5. Strengthen deep abdominal muscles including pelvic floor

  6. Strengthen glutes

Common Pain Points Through The Trimesters:

  1. Discomfort in neck / upper back / tight chest

  2. Lower back pain

  3. Pelvic Girdle or Sacrum Pain

  4. Difficulties performing everyday tasks

How Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching can help at various stages of pregnancy:

a. Before Pregnancy

Strengthen the core and postural muscles before muscles start to lengthen and weaken.

  • minimise aches and pains during pregnancy

  • be mentally and physically prepared

b. During Pregnancy

Check in with your medical support team so they are aware of your level of physical activity.

Enter maintenance phase of strength training, continue to activate postural muscles as centre of gravity shifts as bump grows and helps to maintain lean muscle mass

  • maintain good balance

  • feel energised and positive about yourself as you continue to look after you and growing baby

  • ensure weight gain is purely from growing fetus rather than over eating

  • make wise food choices for you and the baby and be mentally strong as hormones fluctuate to support he growing fetus.

c. After Pregnancy

After sign-off from your medical support team, gradually get back into strength training to move better, feel better and live better.

  • Muscles that have lengthened and weakened such as core and upper back muscles can be rebalanced.

  • Increased level of physical activity will help you to relax and feel great.

  • If weight gain was more than anticipated then weight loss coaching as part of a your lifestyle review can be explored.

  • Lifestyle review and support plan will help to take the pressure of you as you channel your energy towards your baby.

Patricia from Holistic PT Studio operate online and can liaise with your midwife to support you during your pregnancy.

To find out how you can get your body, lifestyle and mind ready for pregnancy, please get in touch.

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