Movement Class

Movement Is Therapy

Purpose... feel better, grow stronger, live free

If it’s worth preserving, maintenance is key. These classes are ideal for members of your team who want to energise their body and prevent deterioration. Within six weeks, they’ll feel more at ease, have more awareness of how they sit, better concentration and greater joint mobility.

Prioritise Movement That Matter:
  • stretches to release tight muscles
  • mobilisation to reduce joint stiffness
  • muscle activation to wake up sleepy postural muscles  

By moving in directions opposite to how you've been sitting, you and your team work towards reversing the adverse effect sitting all day has on their well-being.

Classes are available in 6-week blocks, delivered online or in person.

Investment: 30-minute online class for 6 consecutive weeks, including resources containing exercises to work on in-between sessions, from £1,800 (up to 99 attendees per Zoom session)

Please email Patricia to see how I can support your leaders and their teams.