Incubator Course

Freedom To Move

Group classes & one-to-one programmes

In a more inclusive initiative, for a minimum of 6 weeks, Patricia spends 1 day a week with your organisation delivering weekly group movement classes and 5 individual one-to-one personalised movement coaching sessions.

Group movement classes are ideal for employees who are proactive and understand that moving more in the day has a positive impact on joint health and well-being.

The one-to-one sessions are ideal for members of your team who have specific joint discomfort after many years of desk-based work. Tailored to their individual needs, each course will start with a Movement MOT and lifestyle assessment to identify the root cause of the issues and create a programme of corrective exercises.

Within six weeks participants will move with more ease, feel more energised and have the knowledge they need to start preserving their joint health.

Group Movement Classes:

  • 30 min online classes weekly
  • pdf resources covering key exercises to undertake outside of classes

One to one sessions:

  • 30 to 50 min, dedicated time slot each week for 5 employees (per cohort)
  • Personalised programmes and access to online exercise demo videos
  • Movement MOT assessments and reviews
  • Benchmarking and metric tracking, including a summary report

Delivered on-site or online. Patricia spends one day a week for at least 6 weeks with your organisation. To identify participants appropriate for the one-to-one sessions, a questionnaire followed by a 20-minute consultation is undertaken.

The course commences with the Lunch & Learn: Movement That Matters, 5 principles to maintain healthy joints while working at your desk. Then introduces the group movement classes and the one-to-one course.

Schedule One-on-One Sessions Group Movement Class
Week 1  50 min Movement MOT + Teach Exercises  30 min group class
Week 2 30 min exercise technique / evaluation
30 min group class
Week 3-5 30 min weekly / fortnightly progress review
30 min group class
Week 6 30 min phase review and next steps
30 min group class


As a leader, bringing the service to the office is an efficient, cost-effective option and ensures you and your employees prioritise well under an hour in the day to improve well-being.

To discuss how an incubator course can have a positive impact on your well-being outcome metrics, please email Patricia today.