Incubator Course

Freedom To Move - One To One Service

Up to 5 employees per cohort

These one-to-one sessions are ideal for members of your team who have specific joint discomfort after many years of desk-based work. Tailored to their individual needs, each course will start with a Movement MOT and lifestyle assessment to identify the root cause of the issues and create a programme of corrective exercises.

Within six weeks they’ll move with more ease, feel more energised and have the knowledge they need to start preserving their joint health.


  • Personalised programmes and access to online exercise demo videos
  • Movement MOT assessments and reviews
  • Processes to benchmark and track improvements

Delivered on-site or online. Patricia spends one day a week for 6 weeks with your organisation. Each cohort has a pre-qualified group of individuals, who each week/fortnight have a dedicated 30-45 minute slot. 

Schedule One-on-One Sessions
Week 1  75 min Movement MOT + Teach Exercises 
Week 2 45 min exercise technique / evaluation
Week 3-5 30 min weekly / fortnightly progress review
Week 6 45 min phase review and next steps

As a leader, bringing the service to the office is an efficient, cost-effective option and ensures you and your employees prioritise well under an hour in the day to improve wellbeing.

Investment: From £5,500 for 5 employees per cohort

To discuss how an incubator course can have a positive impact on your wellbeing outcome metrics, please email Patricia today.