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Movement vs Exercise

Movement comes first and exercise is a form of movement.

Our primary goal is to restore optimal movement because when individual joints move better your entire body moves better. You reduce joint pain and develop more freedom to move.

There are carry-over benefits that enhance your exercise performance goals or easily maintain your strength and mobility well into your old age.

Why a holistic approach?

Modern-day lifestyles conflict with how humans are designed to live. For long-term success identifying lifestyle factors such as stress or habits is key.

Common habits known to irritate joint health include slouching at your desk, sitting on one leg or carrying a heavy bag over the same shoulder.

Collaboration with other joint health Practitioners can hugely benefit the work we do together, for example, Osteopaths and Chiropractors release stiff joints, and massage therapists ease out the tension in muscles.

How do your services differ from other Practitioners?

I bridge the gap between Physiotherapy and Personal Training.

I'm a Personal Trainer who has undertaken additional certifications covering Movement Science and Movement Optimisation. I undertake joint and movement assessments to identify movement dysfunctions that contribute to joint pain.

Recent injuries are addressed by a Physiotherapist and I can take over where Physiotherapy ends. My services also deliver preventive strategies, ensuring your situation does not deteriorate and you end up requiring Physiotherapy.

The initial questionnaire identifies any red flags or contraindications to us working together and I can suggest alternative Practitioners to address your needs.

How does online service delivery work?

Online sessions are via Zoom, or another Video Conferencing software.

When To Connect: To maximise our time together, please connect 5 minutes before the session start time. This buffer allows you time to resolve any technological issues that may arise.

Your Space: Clear obstacles from the floor and around you. Have an exercise mat and a sturdy chair available.

Group classes: Attendees have the option to have their camera on or off, although camera on is preferred. I will pin myself to the screen.

One-to-one sessions: Position your camera as best as possible so that I can see you head-to toe.

For Organisations

Masterclasses: What topics can you cover?

Thinking broadly about Movement, I can provide educational and practical workshops covering:

Retirement Planning... How to have healthy joints and live your best life

Sport-Specific Excellence... How to reduce the likelihood of injury and increase performance

Health Practitioners... additional talks can be delivered by Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Breathwork specialists and Holistic Health Coaches.

Classes: Are they suitable for everyone?

Everyone must complete an online physical activity readiness questionnaire which covers their history of medical conditions.

Any contraindications to attending the movement classes can be identified.

As part of my consultancy service, we will identify whether separate classes by ability are required. Also, I am happy to speak to individuals to discuss specific needs.

Courses: How do you select the participants for each cohort?

Employees wishing to join the 6-Week Incubator Course will complete a questionnaire covering medical history, and goals to work towards. A short interview will determine their suitability to join the cohort.

With tight timeframes, benchmarking and metric tracking involved, participants must commit 100% to the process in terms of time and mindset in order to experience results.

How quickly do people experience improvements?

Everyone responds differently; however, previous clients felt improvements within 2 weeks.

Factors that play a part in recovery include:

- how long you've experienced the joint issue

- addressing habits/lifestyle

- adherence to your programme (frequency, intensity, mindset)

To maximise success, adherence to your programme is key and addressing any contributing factors will provide you with the best chance of success.

The weekly review sessions provide accountability and progress tracking, all designed to deliver the best outcomes.

Do you offer longer term projects?

My consultancy service works with Leaders and Execs to design solutions that will positively impact the lives of key employees.

12, 18 or 24-month fixed-term contracts exist, working on key staff retention initiatives focused on elevating their health outcomes. It is widely reported that improved health equates to higher levels of confidence and work performance.

Options include personalised training sessions to improve mobility, strength and fitness goals. All levels of strength and fitness are catered for.

My professional network also includes Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Breathwork specialists and Holistic Health Coaches to truly offer a holistic approach to health.

Individual Services

Do you work one-to-one with people outside of an organisation?

I have limited availability to work with 4 individuals at any given time.

All online services are tailored to the individual.

Investment starts from £350 for Consultation, Movement MOT and initial exercises to get you on your way.

Additional investment varies depending on your S.M.A.R.T goals, movement programs requirements and ongoing Movement Coaching sessions.

To find out more, assess your suitability or add your name to the waiting list, please schedule a 20-minute discovery call with Patricia VIA CALENDLY LINK