Movement comes first, exercise is a form of movement.

How you move dictates how you feel. Everyone needs to move well, pain-free and with minimal effort. Due to modern-day lifestyles many of us struggle with the basics and this directly impacts our well-being.

Muscle imbalances and sub-optimal alignment / restrictions at our joints increases the likelihood of us developing aches, pains, strains and sprains. The likelihood increases when we exert any type of force on our body e.g.during exercise, activities of daily living such as lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, twisting, bending.

To move with ease, restoring optimal movement is the minimum standard to attain.You reduce your back and joint discomfort, your movement becomes efficient, you feel more supple and free. It also has carry-over benefits to support elevating your exercise performance goals and maintaining your strength and mobility well into your old age.

Today, our lifestyles conflict with how humans have been designed to live. Addressing the symptoms without, as a minimum, reviewing the root cause will only produce, at best, short-term success.

The main components include rest, food, breathing, movement, work, thoughts. Disruption in these elements can significantly impact your overall health and well-being.

Doing The Right Thing In The Right Order!

I may also recommend another Practitioner whose services will complement and hugely benefit the work we do together, for example, massage/bodywork therapist to release muscle tension in a time-efficient way.

Online sessions work in the same way as in-person sessions, only we carry out our sessions via Zoom (or another Video Calling Software).  

Camera Set Up: Position your camera so that I can see you head-to-toe.

Your Space: Clear obstacles from your path

When To Connect: To maximise the time together, please connect 3 minutes before your session start time. This buffer allows you time to resolve any technological issues that may arise.

Like a house sits on solid foundations, the way we move is also dictated by solid foundations.

Your Movement MOT provides vital information used to address any weaknesses that may increase your likelihood of developing injury or limited your response to achieving your goals.

Everyone responds differently to corrective exercises; however, clients have felt improvements within 3 weeks. Factors that play a part in recovery include:

- severity of your injury

- time since injury/when discomfort set in

- adherence to your programme (frequency, intensity, mindset)

-lifestyle factors that continue to contribute towards discomfort

To maximise success, adherence to your programme is key and addressing any contributing factors will provide you with the best chance of success.

Although Bodywork Practitioners have been through a baseline level of education/training, no two Physiotherapists or Osteopaths are the same. Everyone has a specialist area of interest, top-up qualifications and certifications, practical knowledge and their own personal experience. I would say try different Bodywork practitioners, have a conversation, understand what the root cause of your discomfort is, how the body works to create this discomfort and the pathway to immediate and long-term relief.

I ensure my clients fully understand what is going on and why. Knowledge and applied knowledge is key to success.

There may be some elements that overlap with other Bodywork Practitioners, however the principles of Corrective Exercise is to restore balance in the body with a combination of stretching tighter muscles, mobilising restricted joints and strengthening weaker areas (often overlooked but essential part of rehab). I may also recommend you see a Bodywork Practitioner for hands-on treatment to aid recovery.

At present all sessions are one-to-one.

The root cause of your back or joint discomfort may be different to someone else’s; therefore, to fully address what is going on for you, at present I offer one-to-one coaching.

In the future I will be considering group sessions as a way for you to maintain the momentum for longer term success. Please watch this space for updates

In many situations the root cause of your issues can all stem from the same place. Your Online Movement MOT will help unpick the complexities that exist.

Please book yourself in for a free consultation and we can discuss the easiest and fastest way to get you feeling at ease.

Depending on your original goals and how you have progressed, there are 2 options available to you:

i. Take what you have learnt and continue the good work on your own.

At a later date, if you need further assistance, please feel free to book another consultation.

ii. Book yourself onto the same or different package* to continue improving how you move and increasing your strength and suppleness in line with your goals.

Having seen a significant reduction in their aches and pains, improvement in their strength and a new-found confidence, clients often set higher goals for themselves and work with me on month-by-month basis.

* Existing clients that purchase any follow-on package will be offered a discount on advertised prices.

If you are unsure on your next steps, I’m happy to have a chat and discuss your options.

As part of your package, if you have purchased additional top-up sessions, these will be used as conventional PT sessions, and the exercises undertaken will be in-line with your personalised programme and your goals.

Following your initial package, I would be delighted to continue working with you on a month-by-month basis.