Equal Opportunity Policy

Our commitment

At Holistic PT Studio, equality, diversity and inclusion are central to everything we do, celebrating the diversity of the people we work with and supporting overcoming the barriers to their full inclusion and participation in society by empowering all adults on their journey to moving with ease.

What do we mean by diversity and inclusion?

Diversity is about positively valuing and harnessing these differences, be it different backgrounds, different family structures and relationships, coming from different geographical places, having different faith and belief systems, seeing the world differently and having different abilities.

Inclusion refers to a person’s experience – whether that’s at work, when using public services or in wider society – and the extent to which they feel valued and included.

We strive to value and harness diversity in everything we do, including making our services inclusive and accessible to as many adults as possible.

Our position on diversity and inclusion

Holistic PT Studio will not tolerate any discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

As an employer and collaborator, it’s just as important that we respect and value the diversity of employees and those we collaborate with, as well as delivering services to our clients.

How do we promote diversity and inclusion in our work?

Our services are tailored to adults of all age groups and are inclusive as possible. Whether that’s providing services for people in work, different community groups or older people, or as an employer and collaborator, meeting our obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and all other relevant legislation is key.

We are referred to and reach out to a range of local community groups to offer our services and programmes so we ensure everyone can benefit from improving how they move.

Why do we do this?

Society cannot improve for anyone while people are treated unfairly because of their age, or ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or because they are disabled.

It is unlawful for organisations to discriminate on these grounds in employment and training, and in the provision of goods, facilities, and services, except in very limited circumstances.

We believe an inclusive society where everyone, no matter their age, is treated with dignity and respect will not only benefit the beneficiaries of our services but will also help to develop greater social cohesion, tolerance, stability and prosperity in the wider society.