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Let's Talk Joint Pain

Is there an issue and what's the magnitude?

Do any members of your team experience joint or muscle pain? If they spend a lot of time at their desk, it’s likely they do. Some of them might have seen a doctor because of it or may have been signed off work.

If this is the case, you’re not alone.

It's reported that 1 in 4 people suffer from joint issues; however, the figure is significantly higher as many people struggle in silence. This may be you.

Why does the issue exist?

It’s hardly surprising that our modern-day lifestyles and pressurised schedules mean we’re sitting at our desks for longer, without taking regular breaks. Our bodies have become fixed in rigid positions that restrict our natural instinct to move. As a result, stress and tension build-up, resulting in pain that normally appears in the neck, shoulders and lower back. And typically, people ignore it, until the pain gets really bad or causes a serious problem.

Existing mitigation strategies

Whether it's in the office or at home, Health and Safety regulations ensure organisations maintain their duty of care to all employees, with DSE assessments and provision of ergonomic equipment forming part of the solution. With the rise of home working, increased workloads and the culture of Presenteeism, the number of joint issues continue to rise.

Desk-based work is here to stay, so we need to think differently.

Why Consultancy?

Our life in and out of work are intertwined.

How we move and feel impacts:

  • how we interact with others (team dynamics and home life),
  • decision-making and work delivery,
  • our ability to achieve a work-life balance,
  • recreational life,
  • and the demands we place on scarce NHS resources.

Telling employees to move more in the day is the easy part; however, if the structures within the organisation do not allow this to happen, then you as a leader are not delivering on your objectives and, as an organisation, are not aligned with the organisation's values.

Bringing in a specialist to objectively assess organisational culture, and operational processes will ensure your company continues to align with its values, its mission and deliver on its social governance framework.

The benefits of empowering employees to 'move more' extend deeper and wider than employee well-being. 

If this resonates, please introduce yourself by scheduling a 20-minute introductory call with Patricia.