Case Study

Enhancing Lives and Transforming Futures for the Over 55's

6-Week Movement Matters Course

Fresh Visions tackling social isolation with wellbeing activities.

Read their write-up here: tackling isolation with wellbeing activities.

  • 2nd Aug to 6th Sept 2022

Project Aims

  • Reduce social isolation post-lockdown
  • Encourage active lifestyles to combat declining mobility
  • Bring back into use own community centres
  • Improve overall physical and mental wellbeing
  • Week 1 workshop: 5 tips for healthy joints, tea & coffee
  • Week 2 - 6 practical movement classes, 45 min
  • Benchmarking abilities and weekly tracking
  • 3 * PDF's to attendees containing movements to undertake in-between sessions to maximise results
  • Weekly attendance rates 83% - 100%
  • Everyone experienced an improvement in their movement ability: less tight and stiff, improved strength for everyday tasks, less joint aches and pains
Metric-tracking on a scale from 1 to 10
  • 3-point reduction in joint pain
  • 2-point improvement in reaching down to toes or reaching up to top shelf
  • 2-point improvement in overall suppleness
  • 2-point improvement getting down and up from the floor
  • 1-point improvement in balance 

Noted after Week 2

  • "I'm stretching daily, and enjoying the health benefits already"
  • "I feel more energised and have a positive mindset"

Noted after Week 4

  • "I'm no longer squeaky"
  • "I feel relaxed and loose. Getting out of bed is easier"
  • "I'm no longer hauling myself up the stairs. These movements are helping a lot"
  • "Another good week, I'm loving the weekly dose of Movement Matters"

Noted after Week 6

  • "I can reach my ankles and I no longer need assistance"
  • "I'm feeling less hip pain, I hope there will be more sessions very soon to keep us going"
  • "I can hardly feel my knee pain, I appreciate all of your efforts and phone calls"
  • "It's a shame it's the final session, I do feel what I have learnt has been a huge benefit and will continue to be so in the future"
  • "I definitely will recommend Movement Matters classes"
    Movement Matters with InTouch and Fresh Visions