“I believe that our modern-day lifestyles place our health at the bottom of our priorities”.

Our busy-ness leaves little room for self-care and results in us not maintaining awareness when our body is not happy, be it

  • aches & pains
  • getting weaker and less supple as we age
  • surviving rather than thriving 
Meet Patricia Goka, Director of Holistic PT Studio

Patricia is a Movement Coach and a Speaker

Patricia Goka Picture

She is on a mission to spread the message of moving with ease for life, a holistic lifestyle, and passionate about supporting her clients reduce their aches and pains and, as they age, increase their strength.

​​Having worked in a desk-based job in Risk Management for over 20 years, Patricia frequently experienced lower back pain, and also constant injuries from her sporting activities such as dancing, circuit and weight training.

After some time, her health began to deteriorate due to stress and lack of sleep, so she decided to take action.

She qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer to learn how to improve her situation. She also attended a private Movement and Lifestyle clinic whose focus was on long term benefits rather short-term gains:

  • Stronger for life
  • Function over style
  • Movement over exercise

With this newfound insight, Patricia continued to learn more about this approach by studying Integrated Movement Science Certifications, a system developed by the CHEK Institute. Their ethos is to look at the person as a whole, address the root causes rather than focus on the symptoms, a holistic approach to Personalised Training.

She is now on a mission to spread the message of the holistic lifestyle, and passionate about supporting people to move away back and joint discomfort, maintain their strength and mobility for any activity they wish to pursue

... be it easily maintaining their garden, or

... climbing mountains in their retirement

Move with Ease, to Feel at Ease!