Meet the Founder

Patricia Goka, Director of Holistic PT Studio Ltd

Movement Consultant, Personal Trainer and Speaker

Patricia Goka standing with smile on her face and right hand on her face and left hand on her hip

I spent 20 years working in Credit Risk Management, struggling with shoulder and back pain which impacted my focus at work, sleep quality and lifestyle.

A Movement Coach helped me get back to living a full life, which led to me studying Movement Science & Movement Optimisation, which exposed how desk-based work and modern-day lifestyles contribute to joint aches and pains and declining mobility.

I provide services in the gap between Physiotherapy and Personal Training. Where Physio services stop, I take over, or I get in there super early to halt the decline in your joint health and then you require Physiotherapy.

Since 2019 I have worked one-to-one with clients and, having seen a number of common issues, I now deliver workshops, movement classes and incubator courses to organisations. These services support Leaders and their teams reverse the adverse effects prolonged sitting with minimal movement has on their joints, confidence and productivity.

By understanding our Muscular-Skeletal System, how we move in everyday life, I overlay the principles of Risk Management to deliver my 3 Step Approach:

  1. Assess...  Movement MOT or Taster Workshops identify our priority areas
  2. Mitigate... Movement Classes or Courses transform how you move
  3. Monitor...  Review sessions to evaluate and refine our current strategy


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