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  • Move Better

  • Feel Better

  • Look Better

  • Live Better


Modern day lifestyles are not geared towards us moving and eating in line with what we need to function well, and instead it moves us further and further away from leading a vibrant life.


Sedentary or prolonged sitting at a desk without intermittent movement 

places pressures on the body, impacting posture, reducing our strength and increases the likelihood of us developing joint discomfort and injury.

Today, we are heavily influenced by mis-leading food product marketing and social media leaving us feeling unfulfilled, with sub-optimal health and living with varying degrees of physical and emotional discomfort.




… no matter your age or level of experience, can significantly improve their mobility, strength and lead a healthier lifestyle. Self-care is the 1st step towards healthcare, be brave and put YOU first!   

We offer a Free 30 minute consultation to all new clients so we can identify the starting point for your journey to a stronger more resilient you.

Holistic PT Studio coach via knowledge sharing, providing lessons that will serve you for life. Our focus is to

  • move you away from joint discomfort and improve mobility

  • increase your strength for specific training goals or simply to perform everyday tasks with ease

  • identify your preferred foods that support your needs, leave you feeling energised without the negative physical and emotional side effects.

Patricia - Head Coach

  • ex credit risk management programming geek and now a fully committed Movement & Lifestyle Coach (personal trainer in conventional terms)

  • ‘middle-aged’ … whatever that means these days … with my best years still ahead. 

  • ‘geekiness' still there and applying it to postural assessments, joint range of motion analysis, functional movement assessment, core activation & stability tests…

  • ...I help you identify any sub-optimal movement that may be the source of your joint discomfort… let’s move away from discomfort and towards living with vitality

  • love using bodyweight for strength training as I find this modality suits my body, builds strength whilst improving mobility and reduces likelihood of injury 

  • more loves: eating tasty foods that energises me, almonds / cashews / peanuts addict, dancing in front of the mirror at home

  • laugh a lot (mostly at myself), big grin (like my pic) when good music is on… I will dance during our training sessions when I see you making progress… joining me is not compulsory

  • goal for 2020 is to progress with parallette bars training….it is sooooo awesome… I can teach you as well

  • no fad diets or counting calories here… we train and not drain … energy building rather than energy depleting ...build a solid foundation from the inside-out


  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • Level 1 Integrated Movement Science


  • Suspension Training

  • Ante & Postnatal Exercise

  • High Intensity Training

  • Nutrition for Physical Activity

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