Online Group Training

ABSolute Core Training

Develop a strong core

for all your needs


When: Monday & Friday

Time: 17:30 (UK BST)

Price: £5 a class


Principle Strength Training

Develop upper body strength

to feel mighty


When: Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 17:30 (UK BST)

Price: £5 a class


Are you…


… feeling the effects of lockdown?


… In your Prime but definitely not shouting from the rooftops?


Body weight classes that focus on

improving your upper body and core strength to:


+Feel 10 Years Younger

+Move Like You Used To

+Reduce Aches & Pains


Bring an exercise mat and be near a sturdy chair/sofa.

Why Principle Strength & ABSolute CORE Training?


Modern day living generally restricts movement to no lower than chair seat height​ and we outsource our lives so everything is done for us... subsequently our strength declines.

Overtime our body forgets how to move through full range of motion and our muscles atrophy (loss mass) and this is even more prevalent once you hit 40 (yes... middle-age - well approx middle-age).

However, we still perform everyday tasks, albeit with difficulty or with aches and pains.. getting in/out car, bending down put on shoes, wipe the floor 

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