Patricia Goka Movement MOT Joint Pain Relief Package

Movement MOT

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You take your car for a full MOT and service, time to investigate how well you are moving?

Your MOT includes over 35 check points covering 5 categories:

  • Posture
  • Muscle Tightness
  • Joint Restrictions
  • Functional movement weakness
  • Core Stability & Strength

You get:

  1. 90-minute Assessment
  2. Summary & Recommendations
  3. Plan of Action

Your Movement MOT is designed to uncover reasons behind any back and joint discomfort; identify muscle weaknesses that can lead to mobility issues or reasons behind sub-optimal improvements in your strength & fitness training. 

Summary report with recommendations contains practical advice for you to start improving your posture, feeling free, strong and moving with ease.

To ensure you maintain your strength and suppleness and continue to live a vibrant life, book your MOT today.

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