Strength Plateaus :-(

Strength Plateaus :-(


...can improve on their strength, well, that's until you have achieved your 'genetic maximum' e.g. Professional Athlete'.

'Get Stronger' is quite generic and with training we need to be specific... establish a baseline, and compare like-for-like over time.

If you attend group classes, for advance participants the format or exercises change so you cannot directly compare your performance overtime.

Different exercises or variations of a similar exercise target slightly different combination of muscles and more importantly different combination of muscle fibres. 

If you weight-train, your programme will be 'fixed' for a period, varying the weight over time. Reasons why plateau's can occur:

  • changing exercise programme frequently; therefore, you are not targeting the same muscle fibres for the necessary adaptations to take place
  • not achieving 'overload' for each exercise, required to simulate the right response e.g. get stronger
  • sub-optimal acute variable selection in your programme (reps, sets, rest, intensity, tempo)
  • goals are not clearly defined, goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.
  • exercise selection are not fully aligned to your goals
  • not achieving mind-muscle connection, not contracting muscle at end of the concentric movement
  • not being consistent with exercise, frequency is key
  • insufficient recovery, recovery is just as important as the work
  • sub-optimal nutrition and hydration. If you want to 'build' then all components to build are required

How many of the reasons above have you addressed in your exercise programme?

There are many more reasons; however these are the most commonly overlooked.

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