Frequent Bouts Of Sprains or Strains?

Love to work out or train?

Experience frequent bouts of ligament sprains or tendon strains?

There are many reasons why this may occur, including:

  • postural mis-alignment
  • weak core postural muscles
  • over dominant muscles e.g too many chest exercises and not enough back exercises
  • over-exercising = insufficient recovery
  • muscle imbalances affecting the length-tension relationship
  • insufficient rehab from previous injury
  • exercise too advanced for where you are today
  • contributing lifestyle factors

Getting to the root cause is key to success.

The primary goal of exercise is to promote health and well-being for a stronger more resilient you. If exercise is leaving you worse-off, you may need to rethink how you approach exercise and question if your actions are aligned to your goals.

  • NEEDS: Improved health outcomes and mobility (longevity)
  • WANTSTop up strength and fitness goals (sustainability)

Whether you are working towards aesthetics, like the buzz, or not sure why, your actions should leave you and your body in a stronger position.

Have you heard about a Movement MOT?

90 minutes via an online platform, I will take you through a series of movements, covering 5 categories and over 35 tests and assessments.

The information I gather will aim to identify the root causes to your back or joint discomfort, look for imbalances between left and right / front and back, which muscles are tight, which joints are restricted and which areas are weak (relative and absolute).

Your eyes will be opened like never before. You will truly see how your body is moving and you will learn valuable lessons to serve you for life.

If you take your car for an MOT and service, do the same for your body, it will thank you.

It's time to schedule your Movement MOT.