Patricia Goka Joint Pain Relief in 6 weeks
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Patricia Goka Joint Pain Relief in 6 Weeks
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"I believe that modern day lifestyles place our health at the bottom of our priorities"
Patricia Goka, Joint Pain Relief In 6 Weeks, Free Discovery Call

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Patricia Goka, Free Discovery Call, Joint Pain Relief in 6 weeks, Build strength in 12 weeks
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Back or Joint Discomfort?

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Stronger Knees Programme

In just 6 weeks it has been amazing to see how my body is responding to the corrective exercises Patricia gave me. I have a very unstable knee and with her help and clear instructions my knee feels stronger than ever. It is less painful. She also helped me with the pain in my neck and that has got much better too. I can highly recommend Patricia if you suffer from aches and pains in your joints.

Leonie Wright, Nutrition Coach

Stronger Back Programme

I lead a sedentary life and have had to deal with a lot of stress and a prolonged COVID enclosure. I reached out to Patricia for support and direction with my physical state as I felt exhausted and increasingly having difficulty to do with ease simple every day moves. 

The program was easy to follow and from week 1 to week 4 I can tell the difference already. I can stand up and cook for 3 hours without waking up the next morning with pain in my back. 

Thank you Patricia and looking forward to my next months program.

Evi, Data Manager

Stronger Neck & Shoulders Programme

I had a consultation with Patricia to ask about help to reduce the neck and shoulder discomfort / pain I was experiencing.

I've had a very noticeable improvement with both. Normally within about 20 - 30 mins of sitting at my desk I would start to experience neck and shoulder discomfort. It now takes a lot longer for this happen, if at all. The exercises you gave me that I can do whilst at my desk, and generally, have really helped.

A huge thank you for your help and support.

Jane Baldwin, Life Coach

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