The Movement Revolution

Supporting leaders embed an inclusive culture of movement into their organisation.

Movement Culture

Challenging the status quo...

Collectively act, to move away from discomfort and to a position of strength

What does your organisation represent?

Prioritise Movement Over Exercise

Movement That Matters

It’s time to regularly practice movements that help reverse the adverse effects sitting static for long periods has on your posture, joints and well-being.

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As a HR/Well-being Leader...

Your duty of care to employees and yourself covers both the office and home environment. Targeted initiatives must have a measurable impact on reducing joint pain and preserving joint health.

Do your well-being initiatives prevent neck, shoulder and back pain, improve posture, enhance wellbeing for all and reduce the pressures on the NHS?

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Leaders Lead

Invest in movement

For business improvement

Movement also improves our circulation, concentration and mental well-being. Without movement, people stagnate. If your team or you as a leader is stagnating, it’s likely your business is too.



Holistic Approach


Incubator Course

6-Week Cohorts (one-to-one)


Group Classes

Prevention is key


Lunch & Learn

MOT Taster Workshops


Small Changes Make A Big Difference

When you take proactive steps to help you and your team move better, you’ll begin to see the positive results:

✅ Greater productivity

✅ More engaged employees

✅ Attract and retain more staff

✅ Reduced rate in absenteeism

✅ Burnout will become a thing of the past

✅ Enhance your reputation as a business that cares

Movement Consultancy

Patricia Goka

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Don't suffer in silence

Did you know...

Let's talk root causes


Patricia has been providing simple exercises/movements to our monthly virtual networking group. Her positive energy and encouraging delivery, helps our members be aware of their wellbeing and learn practical actions they can use outside of our sessions. Patricia is valued part of our delivery team and we look forward to developing our partnership further.

Sabrina Shadie, D'Rose Consultancy

Patricia did an amazing workshop with myself and the team at 3 Pillars Financial Planning. We looked into our postures and the effects some of our daily activities where having. We got to see how even simple day to day activities like looking at your phone can be an unnatural posture. We enjoyed the exercises that help and I have done everyday since. I am noticing a big difference since the workshop, thank you Patricia

Simon Scott, 3 Pillars

Recently Patricia has been running a series of online holistic half hour sessions where she raises awareness about good posture; gold standard body maintenance as well as exercises and tips on how to keep mobile and active. I have certainly picked up some very good tips from Patricia. When I joined her first session I was experiencing back problems. Patricia soon remedied this by giving tips on what exercises I needed to do on a hourly and daily basis. I have adapted my lifestyle to incorporate these and it really has been transformational. In fact, I can honestly and truly say that I feel like a new woman.

Jennifer West, VA

Patricia gave a session to Kingston Coaching last week on maintaining flexible joints and in particular, how to maintain good joint health so support my golf swing!
She gave a really good, concise summary at the start as to why and how to maintain our joints and then proceeded to give us some excellent demonstrations on how to work our joints.
her explanations were clear and she answered all the questions we threw at her.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Patricia's workshops.

Nigel Pacey, Kingston Coaching Group

I joined her class on how to stretch correctly in 2021, and I found her to be very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and practical. She was able to help students of all levels. She also encouraged us to ask questions and handled our queries well. Thanks to Patricia, the movement class and the stretching exercises significantly reduced the pain I was experiencing in my right shoulder; I would not hesitate to register for one of her courses in future. I highly recommend her services to everyone.

Jimi Sotimehin, No-Money Casino Hire

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