Holistic Approach to Building A Stronger You

Would You Like To

...Reduce Your Aches & Pains

...Move With Ease

...Elevate Your Strength?

If you ...

  • Feel older than your biological age or have lost that spring in your step?

  • Sometimes experience that achey feeling in your lower back when sitting/standing for long periods?

  • Waste time and energy on yo-yo/fad diets or count calories only to find yourself no further closer to your goals? 


If so, Holistic PT Studio can help you get back to living a life full of vitality.


No matter your age or level of experience, EVERYONE can significantly improve their mobility, strength and lead a healthier lifestyle by following a personalised Movement & Lifestyle Coaching program designed around your lifestyle.

Full Body


What’s Going On?



Functional Movement

Core Activation & Strength

Movement Coaching

Corrective Exercise

Lower Back Health

Shoulder Health

Improve Mobility

Core Strength

Personal Training

I want to build a strong body

I want to move freely daily with no restrictions

How can I ensure my body serves me well for life?

Lifestyle Coaching

I wish to move away from yo-yo & fad diets.

I lack energy, I wish to live with vitality.

How do I make time for ME so I can best care for the ones I love?

Unsure where to start your journey?

Book your free 45 minutes consultation and we can start to map out your journey.

🌟Holistic Half-Hour🌟

with Patricia Goka

Returns Friday 15th January 2021 @9am.

Join me every Friday, 9-9:30am (GMT) where we discuss all things Exercise - Food - Health

Book FREE via Eventbrite, officially the best way to start your Friday's.

With so much noise in the social/media world, do you really understand what you need to do to move you forwards and to serve you well?

  • Light-hearted and also semi-serious look at modern day life in relation to exercise, food, health


  • Come with your favourite morning beverage, ask me questions, discuss and challenge


  • Find out why we are so far away from living in balance with our body, our mind and our environment, and is the primary reason for our numerous health issues, frailty and fragility.

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