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Holistic Approach to Building A Stronger You

You Have A New SMS!

 SMS... a message, a notification 

in the form of joint pain or getting weaker and less mobile as you age 

Modern day lifestyles create a series of issues that play havoc with how we move and feel daily

Sedentary / Sub-Optimal Posture / De-prioritising Self-Care / Stress / Over Exercising / Under Recovery


can lead to...

Tight Muscles + Restricted Joints + Weak Muscles

The question is... How do you keep your body strong and mobile? 

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Stronger From the Inside-Out

We Have A Personalised

Corrective Exercise &

Strength Coaching Program

Just For You!

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In just 6-weeks you can...



Reduce back & joint discomfort

Build functional strength

Move with ease again

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All coaching packages inc:

  • 90min Movement MOT + Postural Assessment

  • Personalised exercise programs tailored to your goals

  • Online sessions to keep you focused and on track

6 Week Bite-Sized Packages

12 Week 'All-In' Packages

3 phases available per package

Bite-Sized Packages


Neck & Shoulders

Package is ideal if you...


... previously suffered a neck or shoulder injury

... get aches after working at a desk, carrying shopping, playing racket sports

... age is impacting your daily activities



Package is ideal if you...

... previously suffered a back injury

... get aches after periods of sitting, standing, walking, running, lifting/carrying

... age is impacting your daily activities



Package is ideal if you ...


... previously suffered a hip/knee/ankle injury

... get that achey feeling in the morning, evening, running, playing sports 

... age is impacting your daily activities

All-In Packages

Stronger Older Wiser

in your 40's

If you are in your 40's, what do you need to do to stay strong, mobile and agile?

- Not sure how mid-life sneaked upon you?

- Starting to feel a few aches & pains?

- Participating in exercise; however can't seem to reach the levels like you used to?

Stronger Older Wiser

in your 50's

If you are in your 50's, what do you need to do to stay strong, mobile and agile?

- Daily tasks are becoming exhausting?

- Wish to return to sports without aggravating your shoulder or back?

- Fearing the next decade, in denial or ready to face it head on?

Stronger Older Wiser

for 60's +

60's onward, what do you need to do to stay strong, mobile and agile?

- Still active and wish to remain injury free?

- Can't get up and down from the floor without assistance?

- Sedentary majority of the day and getting weaker by the year?



Meet Patricia Goka

Director of Holistic PT Studio

Online Movement Coaching

  • Struggled with injuries in her 20's until her early 40's

  • Impacted every waking moment of her daily life

  • Standing for 30min will bring on back pain

  • Sitting for prolonged periods resulted in shoulder discomfort

  • Found a Movement Coach who identified sub-optimal posture, weak foundations and unbalanced lifestyle at the root cause of issues

  • Introduced concepts of Corrective Exercises, Movement & (w)holistic lifestyle which transformed the way I viewed my body, mind and lifestyle

  • We worked on rebalancing my body, improving life choices and securing my future so I can move with ease

  • I am now an advocate for following a (w)holistic lifestyle and being a responsible steward for our body and mind

  • I have turned my fortunes around, come and join me so you can too!


Holistic Half-Hour

with Patricia

Friday's 9:00am-9:30am (GMT) over Zoom

Different topic every week

Topics for February/March 2021

SOW - Stronger Older Wiser Series

Sowing the seeds for your future.

To stay strong and mobile for life, learn what you need to do... 

📌Fri 19th Feb: ... in your 40's

📌Fri 26th Feb: ... in you 50's

📌Fri 5th Mar: ... in your 60's+

Officially the best way to start your Friday's​

✅ Learn why you are experiencing aches & pains

✅ See movements that elevate how you function

✅ Get answers to your questions  

Unsure where to start your journey?

Book your free 45 minutes consultation and we can start to map out your journey.

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