Holistic Approach to Moving & Feeling Better Daily

Would You Like To...

Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better?

If you ...

  • Feel older than your biological age or have lost that spring in your step?

  • Sometimes experience that achey feeling in your lower back when sitting/standing for long periods?

  • Waste time and energy on yo-yo/fad diets or count calories only to find yourself no further closer to your goals? 


If so, Holistic PT Studio can help you get back to living a life full of vitality.


No matter your age or level of experience, EVERYONE can significantly improve their mobility, strength and lead a healthier lifestyle by following a personalised Movement & Lifestyle Coaching program designed around your lifestyle.

Full Body


What’s Going On?



Functional Movement

Core Activation & Strength

Movement Coaching

Corrective Exercise

Lower Back Health

Shoulder Health

Improve Mobility

Core Strength

Personal Training

I want to build a strong body

I want to move freely daily with no restrictions

How can I ensure my body serves me well for life?

Lifestyle Coaching

I wish to move away from yo-yo & fad diets.

My vision for the future is to have a rational relationship with food.

How do I make time for ME so I can best care for the ones I love?

Unsure where to start your journey?

Book your free 30 minutes consultation and we can start to map out your journey.

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